NEWS! Because of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, the school has been rescheduled for 18-22 October 2021. Please note the website is currently being updated, information may vary!

The School aims at framing the health impact of food constituents in a holistic and highly interactive way. Lectures will highlight recent findings in the relationships that occur among health-relevant food components when they are processed, eaten, and interact with the human microbiota. Further on, attention will also be paid to specific metabolic and/or behavioral disorders, to food intolerances, and to new and emerging effects of specific food components on physiological functions. The pattern of lectures is meant to provide a comprehensive vision of the molecular drivers of the food-health relationships, highlighting – along the way – the social relevance of food choices (as well as the determinants of consumer’s choices). Participants are expected to have an active role, both by presenting their own contributions in this area and by participating to open-forum sessions. This is expected to provide new and refreshing insights into the food-health relationship, and the multi-faceted aspects and consequences of possible intervention at various levels of the food chain.